Audio March 21, 2019 Insecurity Hurts Your Marriage. Here’s What To Do About It

By Isabella Markert   Close to the end of my college career, I applied to an internship that I had been dreaming about, working toward, and planning on for four years. I knew it was competitive, but everything my professors, peers, and bosses said to me made it clear that I would be getting that …

Audio February 26, 2019 Apology, schmapology: How to say you’re sorry in a way that’s meaningful to your spouse

By Isabella Markert   As young children, most of us were told “Say you’re sorry!” after we had done something wrong. We uttered our two-syllable apology and moved on, perhaps not feeling sorry at all.   Unfortunately, some adults’ apologies haven’t become much more sophisticated than this, to say nothing of actual sincerity. A poor …

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Audio September 10, 2018 Fabled: Lottie And The Frog
The Grimms explored an age-old conundrum: what really separates the “princes” from the “frogs?” Uber-popular Lottie needs someone to rescue her most prized possession from the school pond, as she has dropped it in and can’t swim herself. The only hope is passer-by Eli, a nerd, (nicknamed “The Frog” after an unfortunate burping incident in ...
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Audio September 10, 2018 Fabled: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
Raising False alarms can range in effect from annoying to life-threatening. In a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious virus turns people into werewolves, this rural community seems safe. Young Arthur and Maren guard its towers and lookout stations. Arthur has raised the alarm twice, but nothing is found and he is disgraced. Maren hopes to ...
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Audio September 10, 2018 Fabled: The Emperor’s New Clothing Line
The idea of a king so obsessed with being exceptional that he can be duped by his own vanity into walking naked through the town is a gift from Hans Christian Andersen. Our tale moves the story to the fashion world of Milan, and finds a once famous designer locked in a struggle with an ...
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Audio September 6, 2018 Fabled: Imp
In the classic tale, Rumpelstiltskin had talent that came at a high price. In our story, a young computer hacker gets in trouble when her father, in debt to a powerful crime boss, brags that his daughter can turn worthless stocks into money-makers.  She pulls this miracle off with the help of an anonymous hacker ...
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Audio September 6, 2018 Fabled: Han and Gret
The Brothers Grimm told the tale of children lost in the woods, leaving a trail of bread crumbs, and besting a hungry witch. We’ve re-imagined the tale, set a century in the future, on a newly terraformed planet where some of the shape-shifting inhabitants have developed a taste for humans. Add a disturbing android mom, ...
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